"Performance Psychology” is like a silver bullet that will solve the problems of training and teaching subordinates.

Try to understand the other person’s true intentions from non-spoken messages and react with words that will appeal to their emotions.  Then, your staff and your team will start changing instantly.

In an era where the leadership of bosses is becoming increasingly important, more and more bosses are concerned about nurturing and teaching subordinates.

Every person is playing some kind of a role day to day. For example, a workplace has a “boss” and a “subordinate.“ In that sense, everyone in the workplace is a performer and the workplace is a stage. “Performance Psychology” recaptures workplace problems from this angle.

The boss is responsible for understanding the unspoken, true meaning of what the subordinate is trying to convey and returning appropriate actions. This book will solve the boss’s worries in three parts, based on the latest knowledge of performance psychology.

As a boss or a leader, people will often face worries, pressures and hardships they have never experienced. If they have the mental strength to overcome whatever happens, that would give them decisive advantages. This book introduces how to foster a leader's strong will power and courage through reliable data.

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 176
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Date published: 06/19/2017
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ISBN: 9784822259037

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