●Data Logic and Psychological Approach are the Key in Business.

This book guides you on psychological elements essential for doing business.

We are living the era of enormous data sets which lead to predict next market trends and stimulate customers into purchase. Logical presentation to persuade business partners, improved work efficiency and targeted marketing are now done quite accurately in and out of the business world. 

Even so, stereotyped ads induce the uncomfortable feeling of targeted customers and impeccable presentation gives no room for other people to make a comment on. Employees with mental health problems are increasing and perfect analysis with poor communication lacks the ability to make an action.

●Based on real voices of business people, with illustrations and charts to assist better understanding
The book’s question and answer style is based on actual business cases which the author was involved. The headline of each chapter is described with psychological terms which help readers get an insight from the actual case and to apply it to other cases. This is a comprehensive guide on basic concepts of business psychology.  

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 272
Format: H188mm × W127mm
Date published: 07/21/2020
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ISBN: 9784532323509

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