Know-how to get along in life guided via quizzes for someone who tends to be “Why it’s always just me!?” ! 

<Question> Recently, you are not getting along with Section Chief who is your direct boss. Who would you ask an advice to change the situation? 
1. Easy-to-speak colleague   2. Bosses or seniors in other team   3. Section Chief (→Answers at bottom)
Have you ever felt “Although our ability is same, I receive different evaluation and treatment from them”? 
That exactly happens in the situations below.
1) If mistakes occur due to lack of communication,
【Some will get yelled, ”Ask if you don’t know!”】 and 【Some will be apologized, “Sorry for not telling you”】

2) If overtime continues due to overload of work,
【Some will be complained, “Think more about efficiency”】 and 【Some will be rewarded, “Your hard work is appreciated”】

3) If business performance improves,
【Some will be suspected, “You could have done better” 】 and 【Some will be encouraged, “Keep up your good work”】

Even if there is no such clear difference, everyone have a moment to feel “it doesn’t seem to be fair…”.
This book shows you how to freely work at your company and get evaluation you are satisfied with. 
By learning “how to handle your boss” in a quiz format, you will acquire “power to be highly evaluated” to enhance your ability.
Answers to the Qestion,
Chose 1 →    It tends to be badmouth and is difficult to improve relationship. -3 points
Chose 2 →    It is more positive than 1 but possibility to improve relationship is lower. -1 points
Chose 3 →    It needs to contrive a way to communicate but is most effective to improve relationship. +2 points 

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