You are not confident in being a boss, therefore you can be a good leader.
For that purpose ---

◎Stop scolding.
◎Stop praising.
◎Encourage your junior staffs.

The first leadership theory by Ichiro Kishimi, an author of “The Courage To Be Disliked” 

Recommended by Shigesato Itoi, President of Hobonichi Co., Ltd. 
“I did not want to be feeling down by the leadership theory, but it seems I did not have to be.”

【From the text】

<What I present in this book is, in a word, “democratic leadership”.>
<Leaders and subs are “equal” and leaders aim to build a cooperative relationship by “words”, not lead subs by “power”.>
<There is no “bad” leader. I think there only exists “unskillful” leader who has no idea how to build a human relationship with subs.>
<In light of the reality, I understand it actually is difficult. However…, the ideal is an ideal because it lacks reality.>

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