Don’t be afraid to be criticized! 
Super popular businesses follow these 51 principles for making a breakthrough, such as:

“It’s OK with us if customers who come here understand us” 
“People who enjoy it will enjoy it” 
“We don’t start from making a product agreeable to customers” 
”We focus on a local customer base of 100 people” 
“We make efforts for the satisfaction of our regular customers. We don’t care  what other people will say”
“Don’t listen to your haters”  

◆We are entering the era when businesses with originality can only survive!◆
The author of the best-seller Leverage series interviewed 15 professionals in food business, including Michelin-starred restaurant owner, Japanese sake brewer, and farming business owner providing vegetables for high-end restaurants. The book helps readers to find out the clues for creating originality to stand out from others, which can be a major navigator for any business people to survive the coming era.  

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Date published: 11/28/2017
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