【About the book】
Masayuki Tadokoro, the author of this book, is an entrepreneur and venture business investor. Based on his experience in Japan and in the US, he has come up with the concept of "starting a company scientifically". In essence, this book covers in a chronological order all of the challenges that a startup might face together with their solutions. Follow his methodology and 99% of the reasons of failure can be removed from your startup.

【What This Book Provides】
Provides the compass to make judgements whether they are heading in the right direction
It is not easy for startups to know how far their business is making progress since they started business until they achieve PMF to materialize products that are warmly accepted by the market. This book plays a role as a checklist on the progress at each stage and helps startups to confirm if they are heading in the right direction.

Provides the guideline to prevent premature expansion
Many of startups incline to hurry to premature expansion without sufficiently exercising identification of ideas and problems, and verification of products (lots of startups are killed due to premature expansion). In order to prevent that, this book provides the guideline that shows basis of to do and not to do at each stage. Startups having limited resources will have less risks to run out of funds by focusing on wasted efforts.

Provides know-how and tools to incorporate a goal at each stage into specific actions
This book provides not an abstract theory but know-how that startups can implement and tools such 

 as framework and checklist. Entrepreneurs can clearly understand specific measures and actions for the next step.

Provides the comprehensive information
Spending five years, I read over 300 books and 500 blogs and saw over 1,000 videos regarding startups. And I discussed with over 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and others to provide advices and mentoring. I wrote this book based on these as well as my experiences as an entrepreneur and an investor. This book can help busy entrepreneurs to digest a whole picture of useful information and should save their time, a valuable resource.

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Pages: 280
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Date published: 11/06/2017
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