“Just-in-Time”, “Kanban system” and “Kaizen (improvement)” underpin the production line of Toyota Motor. These terms are never separable when talking about the Company’s strength in manufacturing. Focusing only on these “methodologies”, however, will miss out the “essence” of its strength. Toyota’s strength has always been steadfast despite of the changing times, competition environments, countries where their factories are located and nationalities of their workers. 

“Just-in-Time” and “Kaizen” are now implemented across the world, proving Toyota’s commitment to nurturing “self-motivated and self-driven” workforce. Workers try to discover, think over and overcome challenges by themselves, and deny today for achieving manufacturing in higher quality at the continuously evolving “workplace”. These people create the core strength of Toyota. The power to foster such evolving workplace is the most competitive system developed through the long history of Toyota. 

“Don’t give them an answer from the beginning. Let them think. Create workers who can think on their own” (Eiji Toyoda)

“It’s not the fault of workers, but the failure of managers not training them on how to work” (Taiichi Ono)
“Toyota production system is a system to create self-motivated people” (Executive of Toyota Kentucky factory in the US)

Toyota’s production line is NOT the Dream Team. Low-key players move fast at their positions and keep passing the ball precisely. Their team is just made up of excellent team players. For great teamwork, they need to practice hard every day. 

【Table of contents】
[Prologue] Landmark of Kentucky 
[Chapter 1] Making up of an auto manufacturer 
[Chapter 2] Toyota in wartime
[Chapter 3] Starting from defeat of the war 
[Chapter 4] Beginning of reform
[Chapter 5] Crisis of bankruptcy
[Chapter 6] Kanban system
[Chapter 7] Changing the awareness 
[Chapter 8] Launch of Crown 
[Chapter 9] Seven uselessness 
[Chapter 10] The case of Corolla 
[Chapter 11] Regulations and shocks 
[Chapter 12] Misunderstanding and recognition 
[Chapter 13] Entering the US market 
[Chapter 14] Local production 
[Chapter 15] Realists 
[Chapter 16] The man who got on the truck 
[Chapter 17] Toyota production system in the 21st century
[Chapter 18] Going forward 
[Epilogue] Pride 

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