How to utilize your mistakes to maximize the speed, quality and evaluation of your work

There is a clear difference between "people who can’t get ahead because of their mistakes and failures" and "people who receive higher evaluation despite their mistakes and failures."  In other words, mistakes and failures, depending on how you handle them, can actually improve the skill sets of analysis, planning, learning and communication of you and the workplace.

This book introduces such methodologies using figures and illustrations that are easy to understand. Incorporate the mechanism of turning your "oops!!" into the best opportunities at work.

★ This book works well for the following people ★
・ People who want others to think that they can be relied upon
・ People who want to be able to react flexibly
・ People who cannot afford to let mistakes be perceived as mistakes
・ People who get upset when there is a problem
・ People who tend to get scolded for their careless mistakes
・ People who are unsure if they are making progress through their work

Dealing with failures and mistakes in appropriate manners can drastically change how others evaluate you.

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Date published: 11/18/2019
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