A very small hedgehog doctor quickly and gently solves any problem brought to him. The sore throat of a baby bear, a young wolf's cold, a small rabbit's ripped doll... and the injured wing of a swan who is working as his assistant as she recovers. 

One day, when the doctor and swan go together to see a patient who can't come to the hospital, a sudden gust of wind blows the small doctor off of a bridge! When the still-recovering swan takes flight and rescues the doctor with ease, she must confess that she was pretending to still be injured and reveal the reason she deceived the doctor. 

A sweet story of healing and kindness. 

Binding Style: Hardcover
Pages: 32 pages
Format: H257mm × W297mm
Date published: 06/01/2018
Local retail price: 1300JPY
ISBN: 978-4-418-18817-8

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