Born in Tokyo in 1936, Aoi Huber Kono is a published author, designer, and illustrator. After studying Fine Arts and acheiving her masters`s in graphic design in Stockholm, she moved to Milan and published her first picture book “Era Inverno” for Emme edizioni in 1967. Now she is living in the southern part of Switzerland and still working on illustration for tableware, textile, and other projects around the world. 

This morning unfolds like every other until an accident suddenly befalls the village of animals. What happened? Nobody knows. But the animals need to gather and think about how to handle it. Should they fight? Hide? New ideas will carry them to new heights...

Huber`s new picture book “Idea” is inspired by a real life incident that she observed in a small forest behind her home. It shows the importance of collaborative discussion and innovative thinking in difficult situations. Huber’s timeless illustrations enhance the simple story. 

Binding Style: Hardcover
Pages: 32 pages
Format: H217mm × W217mm
Date published: 02/03/2016
Local retail price: 1500JPY
ISBN: 978-4-87758-747-5

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