Imagine that each piece of sushi is a sumo wrestler! How do they fight? Who will win? Ginger and Tea give the play-by-play for matches such as squid vs. octopus and salmon vs. salmoneggs. When the yokozuna clash, will extra fatty tuna hold out against an entire bowl of mixedseafood? Masako Ahn’s Sushi Sumo is a picture book for a Japanophile of any age.


Author Profile: Masako Ahn

Artist born 1975 in Gifu Prefecture. Majored in oil painting at Tama Art University and upongraduation, joined Shirogumi to head up visual effects design. She has worked on all kinds offilms using 3-D models. Her picture books include Tappu no yume (Tap’s dream), Sora tobudensha (The flying train; both from Kodansha), and Otanjōbi kēki (Birthday cake; BronzeShinsha).

Binding Style: Hardcover
Pages: 32 pages
Format: H264mm × W214mm
Date published: 05/17/2018
Local retail price: 1400JPY
ISBN: 978-4-06-133351-2

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