Coco is a sweet boy. Mii is an energetic girl. 
They live together and are very good friends. 
One morning, Mii sees that Coco's chair is broken and decides to make him a new one. At the same time, Coco sees that Mii's bag is in tatters, and he decides to make her a new one. They each go to town to buy supplies to make their gifts.

The road to the town is a maze, the inside of the shop is a picture search, and some secret numbers and symbols such as ☆♡ are hidden on the page. This is a new type of hands-on picture book—discover, search and play along!
When the page is divided into two parts, one for Coco and one for Mii, you can read the book from Coco's perspective and then from Mii's.
There are milions of ways to enjoy this book. How you enjoy it is entirely up to you!
Find your own way through Coco and Mii's funny story!

Binding Style: Hard Cover/Pop-up
Pages: 28 pages
Format: H190mm × W260mm
Date published: 06/01/2018
Local retail price: 1200JPY
ISBN: 978-4-7746-2075-6

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