A "sketch journal" is a journal that records your life. It is similar to the widely practiced picture diary, travel diary, and hobby notebook, but it differs greatly in that it aims to "enhance self-affirmation" through recording and reflection.

Every day is not all good.
Let's look back at what happened today and see if it can be interpreted in a positive way. If you can't get rid of your negative emotions, don't force yourself into it, just write it down on paper for the time being. Then you can calm down a little and organize your mind.
When you feel better, draw a little fun every day in your notebook. Today's hamburger lunch set was delicious. A beautiful flower was blooming on the roadside. Such a trivial matter is enough.
After drawing for one week, one month, and one year, look back carefully. The memories that have passed will be reproduced with bright emotions by the letters and pictures that you drew.
And every time you turn a page full of dear topics, you’ll be happy. "I think my life is pretty nice, isn't it?"
Don't ask someone else to like it. You will affirm your life by "Like"ing it yourself.
Sketch journals are the habit of keeping your mind in order and maintaining neutral thinking every day, and the ultimate contentment tool.

●prepare  /  tools, basic types, important points
●start  /  Monthly Challenge 
●continue  /  Daily challenge
●extreme  /  Thematic challenge

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