After growing your plant from a seedling, is there anything you can do with it besides just enjoy its flowers?

This book is about plants that are edible, drinkable, useful for housework, health, and general living.

Find out how to make the most of the plants you grow in your garden from a variety of angles, including how they can be eaten, how they can be made into drinks, how they can be used for household chores, health, and general living, how they can heal with their fragrances, and how they can be used in crafts. All of the ideas are easy to do and can be enjoyed at home. 

If you have plants in your garden that you think could be put to good use, this is the book for you. Your botanical life will surely deepen. 

Includes an index by purpose and an alphabetical index.

Binding Style: Paperback
Pages: 144
Format: H210mm × W145mm
Date published: 04/04/2020
Local retail price: 1600JPY
ISBN: 978-4-391-15540-2

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