Headaches, stiff shoulders, cold sores, swollen legs...
Painful discomfort is cleared away for beautiful faces and weight loss!

The author, a nurse who has cared for the bodies of more than 20,000 people in 24 years, teaches a “self-care method to heal small ailments by listening to your own body.” Her expert technique was born from the experience of touching the soles, ears, and calves of her many patients and will allow you to be comfortable each and every day.

Through illustrations and photographs, learn the "places to massage" according to symptoms and objectives, the correct way to massage the body by yourself, and the points to observe to avoid overlooking signs of physical ailments. Includes 34 ultimate massage techniques!

This is the moment to listen to the voice of your body and heal both body and mind. Try it out while reading this book.

Reading the "Body Map" can give you clues on how to overcome your ailments.
◆Map of the feet
◆Map of the hands
◆Map of the ear / Map of the face
◆Map of the calves

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 144
Format: H210mm × W148mm
Date published: 08/26/2019
Local retail price: 1540JPY
ISBN: 9784296103454

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