Recommended as a guide book, once COVID-19 has settled down.

In Japan, there are many towns where the scent of history remains.
“Bukeyashiki”――A samurai residence
Where even today you can experience the ruins of castles and old samurai homes.
“Shukubamachi” ――A Post Town
Where the government and local people work together to preserve old architecture.
“Yamazato”―― A Mountain village
Where you can stay at accommodation featuring Gassho-zukuri, a traditional style of Japanese architecture with a steep thatched roof, and experience the agriculture of Japan.

This book introduces such historical townscapes with abundant introductory text, photos of the main attractions and access information. 65 locations are covered, from major samurai residences to lesser-known rustic mountain villages.

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Pages: 160
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Date published: 12/21/2020
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