What was the reality of the ninja?

Ninja are well known today, but the popular image of them doesn't present their true reality. 

"Ninja can disappear with a scroll in the mouth"---A false image.
"Ninja can walk on water"---Impossible. 
"Ninja use a round shuriken" ---Only in rare cases.

However, they could change their appearance at will, sneak in anywhere, and reliably carry out their duties as ordered by their lord. A ninja never left any traces behind, even when he accomplished something so great that it would change the world. They may not have been flashy like the ninja of the imagination, but they were certainly cool. The ninja were the "information industry" of the time, and the most advanced "science and technology" of the era was concentrated in them, including firearms, water vessels, communication techniques and mnemonics. This book uses illustrations to unravel the reality of the ninja and the wisdom and techniques they possessed one by one.

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Date published: 08/21/2019
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