Hanamori Yasuji was one of Japan’s most famous editors of the Showa Era and the first editor-in-chief of the long-running magazine “Kurashi no Techo.”

In addition to planning, interviewing, writing, and proofreading, he also took photographs, did cover art, illustrations, design, formatting, and advertisement design. This uniquely talented editor-in-chief, who worked on everything himself, was a free spirit who worked without confines and devoted his entire life to the profession of magazine editing. 

This book contains 103 of his original drawings for the cover of “Kurashi no Techo” as well as book cover art, illustrations, hand-drawn calligraphy, and more. All of his designs are timeless and still beloved today.

His extraordinary talent can be seen on NHK’s morning drama series “Toto Neechan” (2016), in which he was the model for the main character.

Kurashi no Techo, first published in 1948, is the most famous magazine in Japan.

In order to achieve a beautiful and prosperous daily life, it proposed ideas and ingenuity for clothing, food and housing, which had a great impact on the lives of Japanese people post World War 2. It is one of the few magazines in the world that does not carry advertisements, and continues to be published to this day, relying solely on reader subscription fees.

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