Do you think a characteristic of Chardonnay is “blandness?” Why is Cabernet called the “Queen of Wine?” Simply by learning the 10 major varietals, you can answer these questions and enjoy wine even more!

This new wine guide by Japan’s leading sommelier will help you learn about the 10 most important grape varietals so you can enjoy drinking at home or while you are out. 

The book introduces basic knowledge that can be useful in everyday life, including the characteristics of each varietal, how to enjoy them, and how to pair them with food. It also includes amusing inside stories from sommeliers.

Varietal 1  Chardonnay
Varietal 2  Riesling
Varietal 3  Sauvignon Blanc
Varietal 4  Chenin Blanc 
Varietal 5  Koshu

Varietal 6  Cabernet Sauvignon
Varietal 7  Merlot
Varietal 8  Pinot Noir
Varietal 9  Shiraz
Varietal 10  Grenache

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 196
Format: H188mm × W130mm
Date published: 08/27/2013
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ISBN: 9784532168872

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