Meat dishes are essential to the Japanese table. After WWII, the average life expectancy of Japanese people increased as meat containing high-quality protein became part of their daily diet. Today meat dishes from all over the world can be found in Japan. But with increased meat consumption comes an increase in meat-related problems like BSE and food poisoning. It is important for consumers to understand food safety and security.

This book introduces 133 cuts of beef, pork, and chicken—from common cuts like rib and loin to various offal (organ meats). For each cut, discover intrinsic characteristics, preparation methods, and recommended recipes. Your mouth will water when you take a peek into the world of meat!

Chapter 1: Beef
Chapter 2: Pork
Chapter 3: Chicken
Chapter 4: Other Meat (mutton, lamb, duck, horse, goat, venison, boar, bear, rabbit, etc.)
Chapter 5: Processed products (ground meat, ham, bacon, sausage, salami, roast beef, Peking duck, jerky, canned food)
Chapter 6: Meat information in Japan (rating, raising livestock, distribution, safety and history)

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 160
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Date published: 12/01/2017
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ISBN: 978-4-408-45337-8

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