The more you know, the better your food tastes!

This book introduces a variety of essential seasonings for Japanese and international cuisines, with photos.  Also included are key characteristics, effective usage, and background of each seasoning.

• Knowledge of Seasoning (types, how to use effectively in cooking, history)
• Soy Sauce / Knowledge of Soy Sauce (types, how to use, recipes and history)
• Salt / Knowledge of Salt 
• Vinegar / Knowledge of Vinegar 
• Sugar / Knowledge of Sugar 
• Miso / Knowledge of Miso 
• Jiàng / Knowledge of Jiàng 
• Sauce / Knowledge of Sauce 
• Stock / Knowledge of Stock 
• Salad Dressing / Knowledge of Salad Dressing

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 144
Format: H210mm × W148mm
Date published: 07/01/2020
Local retail price: 1500JPY
ISBN: 978-4-408-33942-9

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