The definitive edition of a lamb cookbook.

Lamb was once regarded as a luxury-style menu item at French restaurants or other fine dining establishments, but now it is an ingredient that attracts attention in a variety of businesses, including wine bars, casual dining, pubs and lamb specialty stores. 
Lamb cuisine is now indispensable for creating a menu lineup that attracts customers' hearts.

In this book, we interviewed 17 restaurants of various styles and included a total of 135 recipes. Discover techniques for butchering, preparation and cooking. Learn about the history and distinguishing characteristics of each sheep breed and their country of origin, as well as the lifecycle of sheep and the names of different age groups in each country. 

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 256
Format: H257mm × W190mm
Date published: 10/02/2019
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ISBN: 978-4-388-06315-4

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