This is the first recipe collection from the owner of the Japanese restaurant “Kanda” which has been awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Guide Tokyo for 13 consecutive years!

In this book, the chef Hiroyuki Kanda, admired by foodies around the world, shows you how to make “osozai”—everyday home-cooked meals prepared in Japanese homes. 

The essence of washoku (Japanese cuisine), registered as an intangible cultural heritage, lies in home cooking. In order to preserve this Japanese food culture, Chef Kanda has created these recipes with not only flavor in mind but also considering ease of preparation 

This book is highly recommended for those who want to become a chef and for anyone interested in Japanese culture.

Table of Contents

The secret to making dishes that you can eat every day without getting bored
Broth / Rice / Seasonings

Standard dishes
Meat and potatoes / Stewed pork cubes / Deep-fried vegetables / Stewed hijiki mushrooms / Eggs rolled in broth, and 7 other dishes

Springtime dishes
Steamed sea bream with sake, grilled Spanish mackerel, steamed scallion and asari clam with sake, cooked rice with bamboo shoots and fava beans, and 8 other dishes

Summer dishes
grilled sashimi of bonito, chilled shabu shabu with pork and lettuce, vinegared horse mackerel, somen noodles with shrimp broth, sardine ball soup, and 7 more dishes

Autumn side dish
steamed matsutake mushroom, shrimp and scallop, grilled salmon in miso paste, chilled eggplant, rice gruel with mushroom and scallop, and other 8 dishes

Winter dishes
Braised sea bream, yellowtail and radish, chikuzen-ni, spinach with sesame paste, rice cooked with turnip, and 7 other dishes

Buntan jelly / Muscat jelly

Good tasting is good cooking / Cooking with a smile is good cooking / Home cooking is luxury / Deliciousness lies in nature

Convenient index by main ingredients

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