A textbook for sausage and ham.

Recently the number of casual bistros and brasseries has increased, and people are taking a second look at basic French cuisine. Consequently, the number of people making homemade charcuterie such as pate de campagne, rillettes, boudin noir (blood sausage), and andouillette (stuffed pork intestines) is also on the rise. 

Author Shinichiro Sakurai of Lauburu is a well-known pork specialist who had his eyes opened to the charm of charcuterie during his training in France. Through text and photo, he introduces 23 charcuterie under the theme "making in a restaurant kitchen," including preparation methods and dishes that feature each charcuterie.

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 160
Format: H266mm × W210mm
Date published: 09/01/2010
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ISBN: 978-4-388-06085-6

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