Japanese sake is a rice-based alcoholic beverage that is popular among locals and foreign visitors to Japan alike.

From pure rice sake to premium Daiginjo-shu, this book is a complete guide to sake. Covers famous sake breweries all over Japan, how to enjoy sake at an Izakaya (a Japanese-style pub), and how to pair food with sake. Very handy as a general primer and when drinking and shopping on your travels in Japan.

Chapter 1: Classification and category of flavors / How to make sake

Chapter 2: Complete guide to sake
- Pure rice premium sake - Junmai Daiginjo-shu and Junmai Ginjo-shu
- Pure rice sake - Special Junmai-shu and Junmai-shu
- Premium sake - Daiginjo-shu, Ginjo-shu and Honjozo-shu
- Regular sake, aged sake, sparkling and kiokeshikomi sake (superior-quality sake made in wooden barrels)

Chapter 3: How to enjoy sake

Chapter 4: Visiting an Izakaya (Japanese-style pub)

Chapter 5: Shops where you can drink sake in Tokyo

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Date published: 12/01/2018
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