★Smoothies that enhance health, well-being and beauty!★

Smoothies are drinks made from fruits and vegetables liquefied in a blender. Unlike juices, which only contain a fraction of the fruit`s nutrition, smoothies provide the full nourishment of each ingredient. Smoothies are gaining popularity across all demographics as they allow people to easily take in a lot of fruits and vegetables at once—men, women, young people who don`t eat enough vegetables, and middle-aged/elderly people who are concerned about their health are all recognizing the benefits. 

This book introduces 150 smoothie recipes that have various nutritional benefits, with a special focus on ingredients that are readily available in daily life. Use it to soothe everyday troubles, promote health, enhance beauty, and treat your guests to the extra hospitality of a stylish cafe-like beverage. 

In addition, the ingredient encyclopedia at the end of the book includes nutritional information and preparation methods for each ingredient.

Smoothies provide all the nutrients of their natural ingredients in just a few short minutes. Why don't you add a smoothie that's “delicious for your body” to your daily life?

Binding Style: Softcover
Pages: 160
Format: H210mm × W148mm
Date published: 06/01/2016
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ISBN: 978-4-791-62418-8

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