A top-rate hyper realistic illustrated book for all ages! 

The feeling of scale is something you cannot understand from traditional picture books. Because we can't experience extinct species in real life, their size is a little hard to imagine. Of course we get information like 'total length: 1m' and 'body length: 3.5m,' but these are just numbers...

Say hello to "Real-size Prehistoric Life of the Paleozoic Era." A range of species from a range of eras are presented in modern and familiar environments. It brings the joy of truly understanding the sizes of extinct species that appear in ordinary encyclopedic formats.

"I can't believe they were so big!"
"It's so much smaller than I imagined!"

The animals are also scientifically represented in their natural environment and in three-dimensions showing the animals from the top, bottom, front and rear. A wonderful resource for gaining a full impression of these amazing creatures.

Appreciate the true size of Paleozoic Era creatures while marveling at the surreal juxtaposition of an extinct species in the modern world.

A book for the enthusiast, offering a true sense of a bygone reality.


*Number one in Amazon’s overall bestsellers ranking!!

*First place in "Saitama High School Library Festival" in 2018!!

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Binding Style: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Format: H184mm × W262mm
Date published: 07/21/2018
Local retail price: 3200JPY
ISBN: 978-4-7741-9913-9

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