Slime molds (myxomycetes). A curious group of organisms with animal-like characteristics - it moves like an amoeba and eats microbes - and fungus-like characteristics - it sprouts like a mushroom and spreads spores.
Some days they'll steadily wander around on the hunt and others they'll sit quietly and grow like a mushroom...
This incomprehensible lifeform is fascinating enough in itself, but there's more...
The fruiting bodies created by slime molds are indescribably beautiful!
They form shapes of such complexity that it's hard to believe they are generated by a single cell organism.
The endless shapes include circles, columns, networks and pleats.
Then there are the wide variety of colors: reds, whites, blues, yellows, and even brilliant metallic hues.
Discover the slime mold: a curious and mysterious organism.
This book condenses all of the charm of slime molds into one volume.
Diverse varieties are delicately presented one by one.
Large and beautiful photography is used to bring their fascinating shapes to life on the page.
From newcomers interested in experiencing the beauty of slime molds to life-long enthusiasts, this illustrated reference book is a feast for all ages.
Feed your imagination with the mysterious world of the slime mold.

Binding Style: Hard Cover
Pages: 208
Format: H260mm × W188mm
Date published: 08/11/2017
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ISBN: 978-4-7741-9143-0

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