Our Services

hanken tokyo’s services

hanken tokyo is your portal into the world of Japanese publishing for the purpose of foreign rights acquisitions.

hanken tokyo enables you to
  • connect to hot Japanese content all year round
  • immediately grasp title information including specifications and images from each book
  • know the rights status of each title by language/territory
  • get news about our activities and the wider Japanese publishing industry
  • contact us to begin negotiations with a featured Japanese publisher

We add new books every month and continuously update site features to optimize the user experience.

Search & Discover

  • On hanken tokyo, we showcase the latest and greatest Japanese books available for foreign rights deals.
  • Simultaneously, we search for great foreign titles to introduce to Japanese publishers.


  • We connect foreign and Japanese publishers, and we support you in negotiations and contract creation.


  • We offer translation, digitization and other DTP services.

  • Additionally, our original editorial system MOES* makes editing books from one language to another a breeze!
    *MOES: Manga Online Editorial System


  • Of course, we can print and bind your books!
  • Printing was our first business, so we take pride in producing books of exceptional quality.


  • Through “honto,” our hybrid bookstore network, we sell both paper and e-books from brick-and-mortar stores in Japan and online. (Japanese only)